• Image of Tim O'Dwyer - Hysteresis / CD
Catalogue No: UJI-007CD
CD in hand-stamped and textured card jackets
Numbered edition of 100
Release date: 24 October 2015

Tim O’Dwyer makes his debut on Ujikaji Records with his third solo album, Hysteresis. Recorded in Cologne, Germany, while in residence at the Academy of the Arts of the World, the album features the 'meta-sax', a self-constructed hybrid instrument. By mounting controllers on the body of a playable alto saxophone, O'Dwyer processes his playing in real time to "extend the extended techniques of the saxophone".

Hysteresis is the memory of movement found within an object after the shifting forces have left. As French philosopher Gilles Deleuze describes how painter Francis Bacon prepared his work without sketches:

"This preparatory work is invisible and silent, yet extremely intense, and the act of painting itself appears as an afterward, an après-coup ('hysteresis') in relation to this work."

O'Dwyer uses hysteresis as a metaphor for the relationship between the acoustic and electronically processed sound of the saxophone.

Album preview: https://soundcloud.com/ujikaji/tim-odwyer-hysteresis-album-preview